Apartment Hunting

If you’re looking for an apartment to stay in while you’re waiting for your child’s transplant or while waiting to go completely home, you can usually sign a caveated lease stating that you can break the lease at any time so long as you present to them a letter of dismissal from the transplant coordinator. Make sure you get this clause signed by the apartment manager before you sign your lease! This was a HUGE safety net for us, because otherwise, the complex only rented by the year. Yikes. Also, contact your insurance company about what they will reimburse. Many policies will cover thousands of dollars of living expenses while you are displaced from home waiting for a transplant for a child under the age of 21. Some will even cover transportation if you have to fly or take a train or bus. Ours didn’t cover food or anything like that, but it covered a lot of other living expenses. There is typically a cap on the reimbursable value, but anything is a huge help when you’re being buried in medical bills!

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