Daycare enrollment for us was quite the lengthy process. We finally got N enrolled in a center very near where we work, but they have an exceptionally strict vaccination policy. Strict as in: no vaccines, no admittance. And I love that, because I know that my N will be safe if all of the other students have had their shots. However, we’ve only gotten the vaccines that contain dead viruses. Since he is immune suppressed and can’t get live vaccines, that means he does not qualify as having met their policy. We had to pursue a waiver to get him considered for admittance. Now, we were able to get that waiver signed, but it took six months for it to be returned to us from the proper authorities. Six months! Not everyone has the luxury of waiting that long. And what if it had been denied after that six months? We would have been royally hosed!

So piece of advice from Kate: if you’re going to be enrolling your child in daycare, start getting those papers in early; don’t wait until you’re ready for your child to go to daycare. Start well before then so the daycare center will be ready when you are, and there won’t be a gap in care. I knew it would take us a while, so I submitted our paperwork WELL before I knew N would be ready to go to daycare. If I had started that process when he was finally ready to attend, we’d be up a creek for sure. Now schools, on the other hand, should be much more lenient. You should be able to handle everything through the principal and the nurse’s office. And if you’re homeschooling or a stay-at-home-mom, so much the better!

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