I want to state upfront that I am not an expert. On anything. I do not have all the answers. In fact, I have almost no answers. I have only my theories and experiences, what has worked for me, and very situational advice that may or may not work for anyone else. But I do know that this journey doesn’t have to be a lonesome one. We can work together, we can help each other, and we can find answers for ourselves through shared experiences.
Furthermore, this blog is in no way founded in medical studies, and I have no intention of offering any form of medical advice. Any and all medical guidance should come from your transplant team and/or coordinator. They are the ones who know your child, and they are the ones from whom you should seek answers about their actual treatment. All references to clinic and medication are for the sake of making a point or telling a story about our experiences and how we handle those hurdles.
Also, I am not a psychologist, so if you feel like you need specialized emotional support or therapy, it should be sought from a professional. There is NO SHAME in this whatsoever. Honestly, I probably should have gotten help myself, but I simply lacked the courage. I felt like I had to be stronger than my fears and depression, and if I wasn’t, I was a failure. I felt like people would judge me if I needed help. Now I know that this is not the case, and that I would have been much better suited speaking with a chaplain or a therapist. But I think I’ve worked through most of my demons, and I know now that writing this as a means to help others who are traveling down this transplant path is a way for me to overcome my remaining hurdles. If I can help just one person, even in the smallest of ways, then I will have achieved my goal.
Lastly, I realize that not every piece of this blog will be applicable to everyone who reads it. I know that we all have unique stories, individual circumstances, and personal journeys. However, if you are reading these posts, I hope you can garner something from my experiences and musings. And I hope that if there are pieces that do not apply to you, they will, at the very least, provide you with some mild entertainment or help you learn from my mistakes. All of our experiences come from a heart transplant, but I honestly hope to make this as universal as possible. Please know that when I speak about heart transplants specifically, it’s not to discount other kinds of transplants; it’s just the only transplant type I have personal experience with.
I hope you will feel comfortable sharing your journey and experiences within this forum.

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Kate Harris is an aerospace engineer for the United States Air Force. She is also a wife, mother, baker, quilter, and, now, a blogger!