Semper Paratus

The thing about having a transplant child is that you must always be ready. For anything. Without so much as a moment’s notice, you could get called from work to pick them up for any kind of illness (isn’t immune suppression a peach?). Because of this, I’ve found that it helps to be ready for any situation in which N would need medication. I pretty much always have Tylenol on me, in case he spikes a fever, and you’d be hard-pressed to catch me without his Tacrolimus.

If we are going out anywhere and there is even a snowball’s chance in Hades we’ll be out past his medication dose time, I bring a dose (or two, just in case he throws one up!) in a cooler. There’s no telling when we may get stuck in traffic, or even just get caught up in the fun of whatever we’re doing and lose track of time. There’s not much I can do if my alarm goes off and I’m nowhere near his medication. So instead of risking missing a dose, I just ensure I always have one with me. It really takes the stress out of taking him anywhere, and it allows us to have more fun without worrying about getting home before the alarm goes off.

Right now, this can be a headache, because his Tac has to stay chilled. Once we switch to pills, it’ll be that much simpler! Until then, we just bring syringes pre-drawn so we don’t have to fuss with the entire bottle. We have caps that go on the ends so the syringe isn’t accidentally depressed, causing the medicine to spill, and we put them in our cooler with Yeti ice packs so they stay colder longer (we have a larger Yeti cooler, too, for bigger trips or days when we know it’ll be really hot in the car, but typically we just use the smaller coolers… I know they’re outrageously expensive, but when it comes to his meds, we figured it was worth the price).

At the end of the day, all of the up-front prep time and energy is well worth the peace of mind I have when my alarm catches me off guard. I don’t have to panic because we’re not home to draw up his meds; they’re right there with me.

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Kate Harris is an aerospace engineer for the United States Air Force. She is also a wife, mother, baker, quilter, and, now, a blogger!